Thursday, July 7, 2016

Wintergreen & Health Benefits: By Kali MacArthur

Botanical Name: Gaultheria yunnanens

Common Name: Wintergreen or Teaberry

                     About Wintergreen Plants & Essential oils

Wintergreen is so common in products we use everyday such as mouthwash & toothpaste  & chewing gum. This scent is minty & cooling to the touch, it does get rid of stinky breath of everyday uses. When people buy soap from me usually my customers say that it reminds me of my childhood or it just has a nice refreshing smell for incense for their bathroom.

                          The History of Wintergreen

This plant used to be popular for Native American in the 1800s to discover the use of natural medicine to relieve aches & pains for individuals to get healed back then. Wintergreen essential oil is still on the market in co- ops, wholefood stores, & to get this oil at a less expensive price you can get at wholesale places online.

                           The Health Benefits of Wintergreen

1.Wintergreen stimulates circulation of blood flow through your body.

2.Wintergreen eliminates pain & provides relaxation into your body.

3.It fights rheumatoid arthritis

4.It does remove excess water of fat & salt in the body.

5.It relieves the pain of bee stings & any kind of animal bite.

6.Wintergreen reduces the spasms in the respiratory system,

7. Decreases in heart disease.

8. It can increase the frequency of urinating quite more often by using wintergreen essential oil.

9.Wintergreen does regulate your menstrual cycle & its beneficial for women with PCOS.

10.Wintergreen prevents the formation of kidney stones & cancer.

11. Wintergreen regulates your hormonal imbalances.

12. It can reduce your risk of ovarian cancer & uterine discharges.

                                     Wintergreens Safety Use

Wintergreen has an effect when you are using to much of this oil. Wintergreen is definitely not recommended for individuals with Epilepsy or someone who is pregnant. Wintergreen is not for people who have a lot of hyper- activity, because I think  it can disrupt their frontal lobe part of their brain for concentration. Its not okay for athletes to put too much of this oil is because it can potentially be a silent killer for athletes who put excessive amounts of this oil on themselves.


Wintergreen has so much more health benefits than people realize it does. It reduces a lot of tension of soreness, it also can make people feel more stimulated to wake up in the morning & it is great for doing light & gentle exercises such as yoga & Tai- Chi. It can benefit kids to stay focus in the classroom & keep them alert & focus while they are paying attention to the teacher in class. I think in my personal opinion I think this oil can really benefit kids & teens in the classroom to stay on task with their homework & assignments before test day comes.

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