Monday, July 11, 2016

Clary Sage & Health Benefits By Kali MacArthur

                               About Clary Sage
Clary sage is an herb that has a floral, musky scent aroma that come from leaves, steams & flowers. It is used in clinical aromatherapy which is the fastest growing field in Complementary & Alternative Medicine. The treatments of essential oils can have more effectiveness than traditional treatment. Clary Sage benefits the most from insomnia because the scent is relaxing & calming. Many people of Adults in the United States do not get enough sleep do to work & many other psychological stressors in their lives. If you want to stop your insomnia you can get Clary Sage essential oil & get the diffuser in your home to help you sleep better. I my recommendation is to also go to bed earlier to get more sleep.

                               The Health Benefits of Clary Sage

1.Clary sage curbs bacterial growth & infection in, urinary tract colon & intestines.

2.Clary sage strengthens the gums of your teeth.

3.Clary sage tones skin muscles & hair

4.Clary sage regulates your bowel movements.

5.Clary sage helps reduce depression

6.It reduces stress & anxiety

7.Clary sage provides relief from menstrual problems.

8.It helps regulate your menstrual cycles.

9.It helps maintain overall good health of the uterus & stomach

10.Clary sage boost libido

11.It helps reduce blood pressure

12.Useful for treating spasams & reducing convulsions

13.Clary sage is rich in antiseptic & anti- inflammatory properties.


Clary Sage can have intoxicating effects if you are under the influence of alchohol or drugs. Too much exposure of Clary Sage can cause major headaches for individuals who are sensitive to a particular smell. For Pregnant women Clary sage is not recommended. I do not recommend exposing to small children to that oil is because it can effect their cognitive decline in the long term.


Clary Sage is a great balancing oil for teens & adults is because it is a relaxing oil that will keep you stress free & will help you want to go to bed early & wakeup early with no problem. Clary Sage also can reduce night sweats as well, but I'm not gareunteed it will for some people, but it can help some people who have night sweats.

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