Monday, July 11, 2016

Oranges & Health Benefits By:Kali MacArthur

                           About Oranges
Latin Name: Citrus Sinensis

Common Name: Sweet Orange, Orange

Orange is one of the most popular fruits in the world, because its known for its tasty, juicy fruit that belongs in the rutaceae plant family. Orange is one of the most important & widely  grown fruit crops in the world. Orange trees are widely cultivated in tropical & subtropical climates for its tasty juice & medicinal value. Orange trees are mostly cultivated & rarely found in the forests. Oranges were first cultivated in Southern China  & Northeastern India. Spaniards introduced the sweet orange into South America & Mexico in the Mid 16th century. In 1646, orange was well known in Europe. Oranges were introduced in Florida by a Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon in 1753 & were indtroduced to Hawaii in 1792. Americans did not include oranges as part of their regular diets around the 19th century. Not that Oranges are not just popular, but they are also abundant in anti- oxidants & vitamin- C. Oranges also lowers your cholesterol levels.

                               The Health Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

1.Provides relief from inflammation.

2.Relaxes muscular & nervous system.

3.Inhibits microbial growth & disinfects pf wounds

4.It boosts your immune system

5.It Alleviates anxiety, anger & depression

6.It cures acne & dermatitis

7.Promotes urination

8.It eliminates toxins

9.Treats constipation

10. Rich in anti- oxidant property

11.Rich in Vitamin C

12. It protects against cardiovascular disease

13. Oranges detoxifies the enzymes.

14.It reduces your risk of kidney stones

15.Oranges fight diabeties

                                          Oranges Health Effects

Some individuals might be allergic to oranges. The signs that you might be allergic to Oranges is yellowing of the skin of limbs & sleepiness. If you are putting an orange essential oil on your skin when the sun is out, it is photo- toxic meaning you can burn when you are putting the oil without being diluted when you are in the sun. When Oranges taste bitter you might feel nauseated & can have a feeling for the lost of appetite.


Oranges has wonderful reputation of its medicinal & nutritional values all over the world. Orange is used in a wide variety of usage in the world besides food & medicinal uses, its used in soaps, lotions, soft drinks & air freshener's in the home.

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Clary Sage & Health Benefits By Kali MacArthur

                               About Clary Sage
Clary sage is an herb that has a floral, musky scent aroma that come from leaves, steams & flowers. It is used in clinical aromatherapy which is the fastest growing field in Complementary & Alternative Medicine. The treatments of essential oils can have more effectiveness than traditional treatment. Clary Sage benefits the most from insomnia because the scent is relaxing & calming. Many people of Adults in the United States do not get enough sleep do to work & many other psychological stressors in their lives. If you want to stop your insomnia you can get Clary Sage essential oil & get the diffuser in your home to help you sleep better. I my recommendation is to also go to bed earlier to get more sleep.

                               The Health Benefits of Clary Sage

1.Clary sage curbs bacterial growth & infection in, urinary tract colon & intestines.

2.Clary sage strengthens the gums of your teeth.

3.Clary sage tones skin muscles & hair

4.Clary sage regulates your bowel movements.

5.Clary sage helps reduce depression

6.It reduces stress & anxiety

7.Clary sage provides relief from menstrual problems.

8.It helps regulate your menstrual cycles.

9.It helps maintain overall good health of the uterus & stomach

10.Clary sage boost libido

11.It helps reduce blood pressure

12.Useful for treating spasams & reducing convulsions

13.Clary sage is rich in antiseptic & anti- inflammatory properties.


Clary Sage can have intoxicating effects if you are under the influence of alchohol or drugs. Too much exposure of Clary Sage can cause major headaches for individuals who are sensitive to a particular smell. For Pregnant women Clary sage is not recommended. I do not recommend exposing to small children to that oil is because it can effect their cognitive decline in the long term.


Clary Sage is a great balancing oil for teens & adults is because it is a relaxing oil that will keep you stress free & will help you want to go to bed early & wakeup early with no problem. Clary Sage also can reduce night sweats as well, but I'm not gareunteed it will for some people, but it can help some people who have night sweats.

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Wintergreen & Health Benefits: By Kali MacArthur

Botanical Name: Gaultheria yunnanens

Common Name: Wintergreen or Teaberry

                     About Wintergreen Plants & Essential oils

Wintergreen is so common in products we use everyday such as mouthwash & toothpaste  & chewing gum. This scent is minty & cooling to the touch, it does get rid of stinky breath of everyday uses. When people buy soap from me usually my customers say that it reminds me of my childhood or it just has a nice refreshing smell for incense for their bathroom.

                          The History of Wintergreen

This plant used to be popular for Native American in the 1800s to discover the use of natural medicine to relieve aches & pains for individuals to get healed back then. Wintergreen essential oil is still on the market in co- ops, wholefood stores, & to get this oil at a less expensive price you can get at wholesale places online.

                           The Health Benefits of Wintergreen

1.Wintergreen stimulates circulation of blood flow through your body.

2.Wintergreen eliminates pain & provides relaxation into your body.

3.It fights rheumatoid arthritis

4.It does remove excess water of fat & salt in the body.

5.It relieves the pain of bee stings & any kind of animal bite.

6.Wintergreen reduces the spasms in the respiratory system,

7. Decreases in heart disease.

8. It can increase the frequency of urinating quite more often by using wintergreen essential oil.

9.Wintergreen does regulate your menstrual cycle & its beneficial for women with PCOS.

10.Wintergreen prevents the formation of kidney stones & cancer.

11. Wintergreen regulates your hormonal imbalances.

12. It can reduce your risk of ovarian cancer & uterine discharges.

                                     Wintergreens Safety Use

Wintergreen has an effect when you are using to much of this oil. Wintergreen is definitely not recommended for individuals with Epilepsy or someone who is pregnant. Wintergreen is not for people who have a lot of hyper- activity, because I think  it can disrupt their frontal lobe part of their brain for concentration. Its not okay for athletes to put too much of this oil is because it can potentially be a silent killer for athletes who put excessive amounts of this oil on themselves.


Wintergreen has so much more health benefits than people realize it does. It reduces a lot of tension of soreness, it also can make people feel more stimulated to wake up in the morning & it is great for doing light & gentle exercises such as yoga & Tai- Chi. It can benefit kids to stay focus in the classroom & keep them alert & focus while they are paying attention to the teacher in class. I think in my personal opinion I think this oil can really benefit kids & teens in the classroom to stay on task with their homework & assignments before test day comes.

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