Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tangerine & Health Benefits: By Kali MacArthur

Botanical Nme: Citrus Riticulata

Common Name: Tangerine

Tangerine is a popular summertime smell that makes people feel fun & cheery. Tangerine can make you cheer up when you are feeling down & need a boost in energy.

The name Tangerine comes from the name of Tangiers from the capital of Morocco, where the first shipment of tangerines was allegedly sent to the mainland of Europe in the mid 1840s. "Tanger" means pertaining to Tangiers. Tangerine is a type of orange, but in this blog I'm going to be focusing on tangerine more in this blog.  

                                    The Health Benefits of Tangerine

1. It helps fight colds & flus

2.It helps stimulate cell generation in the body.

3.It helps maintain moisture balance in the skin.

4. Relieves spasms.

5.Soothes inflammation in organ systems

6. Tangerine helps maintain a healthy stomach

7.Tangerine boosts metabolism & immune system

8.Tangerine eases constipation

9.Tangerine reduces flatulence

10.Tangerine prevents your hair from breaking off.


                                          The Safety of Tangerine

Tangerine is not beneficial for people who have sensitive skin, because they can break out with rashes more easily when its not diluted with a carrier oil. Tangerine is also phototoxic when you have been exposed to the sun too long. If you are pregnant or are suffering with a medical condition I would suggest you go to your doctor before you use this essential oil for your natural healing modalities.


Tangerine is such a sweet pleasant smell for uplifting the energy & spirit of your well being, but I would also be very careful for the time & place to put tangerine on your skin. With any essential oil you must dilute all of them to prevent skin irritation & burns, from your skin.

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