Monday, August 22, 2016

Ylang- Ylang & Health Benefits: By Kali MacArthur

Latin Name: Cananga Odorata

Common Name: Ylang-Ylang

                                                    About Ylang- Ylang

Ylang - Ylang  is a type of flower that is originated in Madagascar that has a sweet & floral smell that is mild & not so strong in smell. Ylang- Ylang essential oil is one of my favorite oils because, its light & mild. Ylang- Ylang can significantly decrease your blood pressure of skin temperature. In medicine ylang- ylang oil has been used as an antidepressant in cases of depression & nervousness as well as used for reducing the blood pressure in the case of hypertension. Studies have shown that people who use Ylang- Ylang essential oil had judged themselves as more calm & relaxed more in the second use more than the first use. People who used ylang- ylang did have a significant decrease in blood pressure, since blood pressure is determined by the activity of the sympathetic branch of the ANS, a decrease of blood pressure shows a decrease of sympathetic tone that decreases physiological arousal. Individuals who used ylan-ylang rated themselves more calm & more relaxed than people who did not use ylang- ylang. When you inhale ylang- ylang oil in a diffuser it may be characterized by the concept of harmonious rather than a relaxation oil, on the other hand ylang- ylang can represent a relaxing effect & provide some evidence for the usage of ylang- ylang oil in medicines such as causing a reduction of blood pressure or for the relief of depression & stress in humans. Ylang- Ylang was also well valued in perfume.  The Transdermal absorption of Ylang- ylang oil was reduced the level of arousal for the autonomic nervous system & led to deactivation at the behavioral level. The likely relaxing effect of Ylang- ylang oil is to provide some evidence of the usage of Ylang- ylang in causing relief for depression & stress.

                                The Health Benefits of Ylang- Ylang

1. Ylang-Ylang provides relief from stress, anger, expression & anxiety.

2.Ylang- Ylang is an effective remedy for seborrhea.

3. It prevents wounds from infections & speeds up the healing process.

4. It strengthens the nervous system.

5.It helps maintain a healthy skin.

6. Ylang- Ylang helps to lower blood pressure.

                             Ylang- Ylang & Caution

1. Ylang- Ylang can cause nausea & headaches when taken in to many amounts.

2.It may cause sensitivity when taken in excessive amounts of it.

3.It may cause irritation to the skin when its not diluted.


Ylang- Ylang has a beautiful smell that is light & not so strong when you are not using it too much. Ylang- ylang can make you calm & relaxed when you put it in an essential oil diffuser, it can help you get into a deep sleep for people who suffer from insomnia & ADHD people. Ylang- ylang is a great anger & stress relief oil that can calm you down significantly & reduce your anger. This oil must be used for people who have anger management issues.

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